In Italy, espresso is part of the tradition. You have to taste it.
The espresso machine was invented by Luigi Bezzera in 1901. From north to south of Italy, each region has its rules and ritual about espresso.
Is it your first time in Rome? Read this post and you will experience the perfect espresso.

Where: at the bar!

At the bar the fragrance of coffee is persistent.
You won’t find a silent place, but you will drink your espresso with an unusual soundtrack: the sound of spoons and cups the barmaids put on and throw away from the bar counter, the voices of the barmaid who calls the espresso, the cappuccino, the orzo in a small or big cups.

How to drink an espresso: standing

Follow me: go into the bar, get your receipt and then conquer your place at the counter bar and – not an easy task – the barmaid’s attention. You can often see people raising their arm with the receipt their hand: do what they do. It means: I have paid, can I have my coffee, please?
Don’t lose your moment: when the barmaid looks at you, ask for your coffee. Be precise with your request.

Barmaid, an espresso, please!

The barmaids know that everyone want his own personal espresso. So remember: when asking for you coffee, be precise!

1. Strong black coffee: less than a half coffee cup.
2. Long espresso coffee: Just over half a coffee cup. This is not an american coffee.
3. If you would like some milk in your coffee, just say: coffee with a dash of milk. Don’t forget to specify if you would like hot or cold milk.
4. If you wish to get only a little bit of milk foam, ask a “foamed milk coffee”
5. Are you stressed out but you still want a coffee? Order a decaffeinated coffee!
6. Coffee with a shot of spirits for strong travellers. In Rome you can add Sambuca, anice or mistrà. In Veneto Grappa in the best.
7. You can drink your coffee in a little glass (caffè al vetro) or in a cup: try both. Which one do you prefer? I love coffè al vetro; I find it more tasty.
8. The barmaid will accompany the coffee with a glass of water; the water is needed to prepare your mouth to taste the aroma of coffee. Don’t drink it after your coffee! That would mean that you don’t like the coffee, he has prepared for you!
9. During summer, try the cold coffee with o without ice or Coffee Granita with Cream. What is it? I will tell you in another post!

We can’t write about coffee in Rome without talking about the cappuccino, prepared with double espresso, and steamed milk foam. You can ask to get a cappuccino with more or less coffee. Some barmaid will serve it with some cacao powder or with a wonderful decoration. Please, don’t drink it during your meal.

Now lose yourself in the narrow streets of the city, discover you bar, strike up a conversation with the barmaid and taste as much coffee as possible.
Then tell us about the best coffee you found!