Personal Chef Experience

Personal Chef Experience

Personal chef chez vous, we take care of everything!

Enjoy your Personal Chef Experience.
Would you like to just sit back, relax and discover the delights of Italian cuisine? Our personal chef will organize your customized food experience, taking care of every detail for you – be it at your place of residence, workplace or another chosen venue. You can request a personalized menu that meets your every wish. What appeals to you the most? Traditional Roman cuisine? Or are you more adventurous?
You will discover that nothing is impossible. We specialize in lunch and dinner, but let us know if you’d also like a special start to the day and we’ll create a delicious breakfast for you, too!

Price: on request
Location: as chosen by you
Time: lunch – dinner – breakfast
Duration: Approx. 3h

Personal chef

Personal chef experience

Personal Chef chez vous, where we take care of everything!
It’s like being at a restaurant, but in a location of your choice, where the Chef is only catering for you.
The menu is customized according to your wishes. A unique event that you can personalize in every way.


Personal chef experience

We will create a delicious, personal food experience for you drawing on the best of Italian cuisine.
We can offer you a truly traditional Roman or Italian meal, if you want to get a taste of our local cuisine.
Would you like to try something quite different: traditional with a twist or something entirely modern. We can personalize menus to meet the desires of any culinary explorer and gourmet!

Live a personal event

Personal chef experience

You will enjoy a meal through all its courses, from the appetizer to dessert, and take your time to really taste our food.
Curious about how it all works? You can ask us any question you may have.
Your personal chef experience with us will be unique: we can explain the recipes we are preparing, and will choose the best wine to accompany them for you.


Personal chef experience

Start your holiday every morning with a special breakfast: homemade cakes, biscuits and marmalade, cheese, fresh fruits and juice. Mini salty croissant filled with ham or cheese, sandwiches and muffins.
We can personalize your breakfast as you wish!

Come on!

Book your Personal Chef Experience or write us for further information.

To be continued…

Taste the difference!

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